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Doorstep Design is recognized for its expertise in working with residential and commercial clients, specializing in interior and exterior design projects, large or small.  

Generally, we realize most of us want the same goal; our bedroom to feel calm, our kitchen to feel clean and welcoming, and our office to feel organized. 


With respect to the function of the space, color can be the starting point, and it has to be reflective of the person who resides there. We will not push you in a direction that you don't want and we can fit any budget. Our objective is to leave you with a space you know you could get to, but just didn't quite know how. 

Our trained consultants work with clients on color-scapes. Our in-home visits comprise everything from choosing a paint and stain palette to the placement of the color.


During the private design appointment, we can collaborate on color, spacial planning, wallpaper, rugs, window treatments, and dressings.


Let Doorstep Design work magic into your home.



Dawn MacBurnie


Dawn has bachelor's degrees in Business & Art and considers herself an assisting problem solver. The majority of Dawn’s training is accredited to her childhood assisting her parents in restoring older homes. Over the years, Dawn has continued to restore properties for herself. Today she and her family reside in a home she restored from top to bottom, in Beverly Farms.


Dawn sees a space very quickly and will tell you the unvarnished truth, not distorting what is at hand and what the space can actually be. She will explain what she sees, her ideas, and her reasoning in order to deliver a finished project to its fullest.  She knows that any job can be looked at in many different ways. Dawn appreciates this and will help you achieve your goal.


With years of experience, she has specialized in color and textiles. Dawn has a signature style combining old with new.  “I appreciate all architecture and beautiful design, I do this by staying true to the modern, bespoke, traditional, transitional, or coastal style in order to transform a home. My personal goal is to understand the project and budget with the homeowner to create an environment that can be enjoyed while living in and admired by all.”


Tina Brehob


Tina has a bachelor's degree in Design and Psychology. During childhood, early years were spent drawing and constructing art out of any scrap or object she could find. To this day, a challenging budget initiates her creative senses. Tina feels that a well-designed room is the sum of all its parts, and should tell the story of the person who lives there.

The space dictates the style, but her favorite is boho-chic meets traditional with interesting storage. "Unexpectedly incorporating a flea market treasure such as an Italian painted tole chandelier placed in a breakfast nook, is where I would want to have coffee every day". Tina's philosophy of art and psychology go hand in hand. 

Her personal experience in renovating her own real estate and her time spent with many clients has been such a joy in life. To submerge herself into the collaboration of style and function is like putting together the most interesting puzzle. When the pieces all fit, the satisfaction of a job well done is what drives her. 

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